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I personally wanted to thank you for all that you did for my Pop, Ray Solomon, and all that you continue to do for my Nana and Olivia's Great Nan.

When Nan and Pop first had to go into a home it was something that we all didn't want but it had to be done. After my first visit to Hill View, I left them feeling so comfortable, it was like they were in our homes. They were surrounded by people that cared about them just as much as their family did. I (and Olivia) come and visit ever week and everyone that we come accross are just lovely and so caring.

Since the passing of my beloved Pop, life hasn't been the same, especially for my Nana. Pop couldn't have been in a better place with all of you looking after him and caring about him. He cared about all of you, what you did for him before his passing and after was just amazing. All the staff were wonderful and still are.  I just want to thank you again for the wonderful care you continue to give to my Nana. We love her so very much.

Much Love & Appreciation,

Samantha (Ray & Dora's Granddaughter)

Merrimac, Jun 2016

My respite stay has been amazing. I have had a relaxing time and great holiday. The staff have been brilliant.

Ashmore, Jun 2016

My stay has been wonderful. This is my third respite stay.

Merrimac, Jun 2016

Mum's sister, nephew and wife came down for lunch 2 weeks ago. The staff set up a table outside Mum's room with a table cloth & Flowers. The setting was beautiful. My Aunty was blown away by the setting and meal etc. The staff were wonderful, above and beyond expectations.

Ashmore, May 2016

My Wife and I would like to express our appreciation to the staff who put on the lunch we attended on the balcony today. They did a very good job even though the conditions were not perfect, and they deserve to be commended.

Merrimac, Feb 2016

The staff have been so caring and loving to me. They are very polite to all of the Residents.

Ashmore, Feb 2016

I want to say a very heartfelt thank you to all of the fabulous staff at Ashmore who helped make Christmas Day celebrations so special for all of us. The trouble that the staff went to, to make the tables look gorgeous was incredible.  The catering and dining room staff were amazing and so special of them to give up Christmas with their families to be with us all. The food was lovely and it was all in all, a very special and relaxing day for all of us. Half of our family got stuck on the freeway in a mega traffic jam and were held up. The staff did not turn a hair and kept the lunches until everyone arrived which thankfully was not too late. Please pass on these very sincere thank you's to all the staff who were there on Christmas Day. We think that you are all amazing at the best of times and yesterday was really out of the box. My family who had not seen Hill View were blown away with how lovely it is. My son in law said its like Dad having a room in a beautiful old federation house. Thats how it feels for us too. We feel so blessed and lucky to have found you all and that there was a vacancy for Dad. We think that Hill View and the staff are the best thing to happen to us in a long time. All the best for a really happy 2016 to all of you.

Ashmore, Dec 2015

A big congratulations for a wonderful Level 1 Christmas Party - Absolutely brilliant & everyone loved the concert, singing, dancing, nibbles and the luncheon was amazing, 5 star standard . Thanks to all staff especially Lifestyle, Carers and kitchen staff who made the day so enjoyable and memorable. Also the Christmas lights of a night time in the gardens look amazing. Thank you

Merrimac, Dec 2015

I am so happy and comfortable here at Hill View.

Merrimac, Dec 2015

All staff from Management down to nursing, care staff, lifestyle, catering, gardeners and houskeeping staff have been brilliant.

Ashmore, Nov 2015

My wife & I are now in our 12th week of residency at Hill View House, on a scale of 1-10 we give Merrimac a rating of 10 PLUS in all respects. We consider ourselves fortunate to be residents. 

Merrimac, Sep 2015

The staff here are marvelous, they are so helpful to me each day.

Ashmore, Sep 2015

My Stay has been very comfortable and I am very happy.

Ashmore, Sep 2015

I have spoken to Molly many times since her admission and her comment has always been "they are very kind and considerate to me".

Merrimac, Aug 2015

I am happy and content here at Hill View House.

Merrimac, Aug 2015

I am writing to compliment both the nursing staff & administration staff. I was recently overseas for 9 weeks and my mother was (as usual) we cared for by the nursing staff. Everytime I spoke with mum she always seemed content and had no complaints.  I sent e-mails at least twice a week and these were printed out and given to mum by the office staff.  The administration staff are always very helpful and plesant to deal with.  All paperwork (accounts etc) is always accurate and timely. It is such a relief to know that mum is being cared for in such a well run facility.


Merrimac, Jul 2015

I would like to express my gratitude to the staff of Hill View House Ashmore for their very professional and kind attitude expressed to my elderly mother during her settling in period.  This is very much appreciated.


Ashmore , Jun 2015

I have been treated very well whilst I have been at Hill View for respite.  I have no complaints, it is a lovely place.

Ashmore, May 2015

I have inspected several other aged care places and I consider Hill View House the very best on the coast.

Merrimac, Mar 2015

I can't fault how efficient and caring all staff are in looking after my Mum. I know the staff are monitoring Mum and that is a great comfort. Mum is always telling me how kind the staff are. Mum is looking good under your care, so thank you!

Ashmore, Mar 2015

To all the lovely Nurses and Staff at Hill View, thanks a million for caring and looking after my Jimmy from late Jan-Feb 2015. You really made him so happy.

With Loving thoughts - Denise
Merrimac, Mar 2015

To All the Staff and Carers at Hill View House,

I want to take this opportunity to thank you for the kind and dignified approach you take to the care of my mother.

It is very difficult for me to be a distant daughter at this time. An injury has prevented me from traveling easily and restricted my trips from Victoria to spend time with mum. It has been so hard for me to support my sisters during this very difficult time of transition for mum. I know my sisters have researched and found the very best care for mum at Hill View House.

I hear often from Dianne and Jenny of all the lovely ways you deliver thoughtfully considered and dedicated care to mum.

Like the way you;

  •     print off my e-mails for her to read and enjoy over and over again
  •     take time to discuss Mum's needs or issues with my family
  •     make sure there is a kind and welcoming familiar face to greet Mum on her return from a day out
  •     take time to get to know, and allow time, for her rituals and routines
  •     diligently monitor not only her health needs but also her personal grooming needs which are so important to mum
  •     spend time in conversation, encouraging mental stimulation

I can't tell you how reassuring and important that is for me to hear. Thank you all, you do an outstanding job.

I wish you all good things for the coming year and hope I will be able to meet you all sometime in the near future to thank you personally. Until then please know that your work commitment is appreciated.

Thank you most sincerely

Ashmore, Jan 2015

I would recommend Hill View House to others because of the quality of Personnel and their care delivery. Also their problem solving to reduce anxiety during transition into Hill View was excellent.

Daughter of Resident at Hill View House.
Ashmore, Jan 2015

Thank you for your care and help while I was at Hill View House. I enjoyed it very much. Every thing was nice and everybody was very helpful.

Thank you again - Vivian (Respite Resident)
Merrimac, Dec 2014

Thank you for the opportunity to facilitate the students from Griffith over the past two week.

I would like to extend my thanks to the AIN's ,EEN's and RN's who have made the student's experience so valuable. The care given to the residents is to the highest standard. The students have been given great opportunities to see all aspects of care and participate in the same.They have reported to me the gentle and caring nature of those caring for our most vulnerable. The kitchen and cleaning staff are also wonderful, the environment is meticulously clean and the meals all look delicious.

The staff have also afforded to me support and friendliness which I am appreciative of.

I have facilitated in many aged care facilities and Hill View is superior in all aspects.

I look forward to returning if I may next year.

Wishing you all a Very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Warm Regards

Janine Thompson (Facilitator)
Merrimac, Dec 2014

Thank you for the care and attention my father has received over the last 12 months. Merry Christmas to all the staff at Hill View.


Merrimac, Dec 2014

I compliment Hill View for the great staff and nothing is a problem to them. Staff are very caring and the bus outings are most enjoyable.

Respite Resident - Paul
Ashmore, Nov 2014

I have nothing to complain about, the most loving and caring place I have ever encountered. I was a registered nurse and have been in hospital but this has to be the very best care I have ever had in my life.

Margaret - Respite Resident
Ashmore, Oct 2014

Mum has settled in very well and calls it "home". She is happy and much healthier because of the good care and food. Life is now easier for all of us.

Merrimac, Sep 2014

The Ashmore outdoor area is very appealing and the staff are lovely.

Ashmore, Sep 2014

Mum has settled in very well and calls it "home". She is happy and much healthier because of the good care and food. Life is now easier for all of us.

Merrimac, Sep 2014

The Ashmore outdoor area is very appealing and the staff are lovely.

Ashmore, Sep 2014

Mum has settled in very well and calls it "home". She is happy and much healthier because of the good care and food. Life is now easier for all of us.

Merrimac, Sep 2014

Dear Staff,

I would like to take this opportunity to thank everybody for their care and devotion to Susie over the last 2 years 2 months. Susie was very happy with every aspect of her care and referred to Hill View House as "home", I believe that says everything. Once again thank you everybody.

For ever grateful.

Ashmore, Aug 2014

All round Mum is happy with the meals, she says there is enough and its very good. I am very satisfied mum is in the best care facillity on the Gold Coast.

Merrimac, Aug 2014

To all the front office staff, You have all made our family's time at Hillview a very pleasant and professional meaning in regards to the formal side of moving in and out. Thanks for everything that you have done for my parents and for my Brother and I as we have learnt the ways of nursing homes. Thanks for helping dad and always steering him in the right direction. Your boss should be proud of the happy, caring, professional approach that you girls have to your clients.

Many thanks.

The Scott Family
Merrimac, Jun 2014

To the nursing staff, words cannot express how amazing, caring, compassionate, understanding you all were looking after Doris, Husband Ray, Daughter Jan, Sons Garry, Greg and all the family. We were so blessed to have you caring for mum, there could not have been a more comfortable, caring place for mum to have spent her last month. You all should be given oscars (not for acting) for the positive effect that you have on the Resident's here and for giving your all, Physically, mentally and emotionally. You are all very special people who make Hillview the wonderful place that it is.

The Scott Family
Merrimac, Jun 2014

A big 'thank you' to all the laundry staff at Ashmore Hill View for their excellent care of Resident's Clothes.

Previously, my husband was in another aged care facility, and I was continually searching for lost clothes, other persons clothes left in his wardrobe for him to wear and damp clothes which I had to take home to dry before they were put on him. I can now spend my 'Visiting time' totally with my husband.

Much appreciated.

Wife of Resident at Hill View House
Ashmore, Jun 2014

I would like to commend Hill View House Ashmore on the following:

  •  A peaceful environment for all, there is a very homely atmosphere
  •  Staff are always friendly and caring towards my husband
  •  The manager at Hill View House is very understanding and helpful
  •  The quality of food at Hill View House is fantastic, I am very happy with the menu available
Ashmore, Mar 2014

Dear all at Hill View House,

Thank you for making me feel so welcome and loved during my stay. Please put these flowers in the lounge of level 1 for all to enjoy!

With love and appreciation.

Margaret - Respite Resident
Merrimac, Mar 2014

Thank you and all the staff at Hill View House for the kindness and wonderful attention given to my husband during his time with you. He always remarked if he could not be at home, he was at the next best place.

Feedback from Family of Merrimac Resident, 2011
Merrimac, Oct 2011